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9-14-14 Describing Your Experience with God IIII
Abundant Life Church - Pastor Benjamin Davis
Abundant Life Church - Pastor Benjamin Davis

Pastor's Corner

Relationship over Religion

Twitter iconBy Pastor Benjamin Davis

Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship.

God saved me when I was 15 years old.  Previous to this life-changing event, I was truly dead in my sins, without much interest in God or the things of God.  You might say I was truly a “me, my, and mine” kind of guy who didn't have much conscience about stepping on other people to advance myself.  But when God saved me, He put a desire in me to know God and get involved in what He is doing in the earth. At that point, I entered into a relationship with God as my Father, Jesus as my older brother, and the Holy Spirit as my comforter/counselor. Eventually, God called me into His full-time ministry as a pastor, where my primary role would be to build others up in God’s ways to experience His blessings. 

When Jesus was working with his disciples to teach them how to be good ministers of His gospel, He wanted them to get some experience, so He sent them out to minister to hurting people.  Luke records this event, describing how the disciples came back rejoicing over their success.

Firstly, they had success with people receiving their message of Jesus. After all, the people had become accustomed to Jesus performing miracles and healing them, so it made sen...

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