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4-20-14 5 Questions for Easter Sunday
Abundant Life Church - Pastor Benjamin Davis
Abundant Life Church - Pastor Benjamin Davis
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Pastor's Corner

The Pursuit of Fulfillment

Twitter iconBy Holly Davis

One day as I was walking my doggies, God gave me a word.

Sophie, our little Maltese mix, is a hunter by nature. She consistently watches, ready to chase a varmint at any time, day or night. While on our walk, a squirrel ran right in front of her and crossed the street. She ran after it fast and hard, dragging me behind her. She chased it until it ran up a tree and then stood there until I pulled her away.

On the same walk we came to a drainage hole, which always stops Sophie in her tracks. She puts her brakes on (she has little brakes in her paw pads) and backs up and goes way around it-- so as not to even come close to getting sucked down that drain. Also, right down the street from the drain lives a big, snarly dog behind a privacy fence. She can't even see the dog, but seems to know it's a lot bigger and meaner than her. It may not be as mean as she thinks, but between the drainage hole and the dog, Sophie runs away as fast as she can. 

God used those three scenarios to speak to me.

"I want my children to pursue me like Sophie pursues that squirrel and resist evil like she resists the water drainage hole or the big snarly dog.”

The way we consistently resist the evil is by actively pursuing Him with all our hearts, souls,...

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A Message from Pastor Davis:

Mission SURGE


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