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11-23-14 Your Alignment for Assignment IV
Abundant Life Church - Pastor Benjamin Davis
Abundant Life Church - Pastor Benjamin Davis

Pastor's Corner

The Need for Forgiveness

Twitter iconBy Christa Clark

“Forgiveness is connected to all other truths of Scripture.” My pastor’s statement brought a flood of thoughts and Scripture verses to my mind.

If one has unforgiveness, that person cannot operate in faith, hope, joy, wisdom. Unforgiveness blocks the divine flow of life from our heavenly Father. Bitterness, corrupt words, wrath, etc., grieve the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:29-32), and a grieved Holy Spirit is a silent Holy Spirit. In his book Total Forgiveness, R. T. Kendall says,

Relinquishing bitterness is an open invitation for the Holy Spirit to give you His peace, His joy, and the knowledge of His will.

When Jesus instructed His disciples to forgive every time a person repents, the disciples’ response was, “Increase our faith” (Luke 17:1-5). They realized the obstacles of anger, pride, and insecurity that they would have to overcome to humble themselves and “free” the offender. However, the alternative of closing heaven’s window of blessing is so much worse. Again quoting Kendall:

A refusal to forgive means God stands back and lets you cope with your problems in your own strength.

Scary. I cannot afford to be without God’s strength and wisdom; I need Him to dire...

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